Friday, July 16, 2010

Google App Engine 0.0.15 gems released

We recently released the 0.0.15 google-appengine gem. The big change with this release was the introduction of app.yaml for configuration. John Wang also added OAuth support to our APIs.
  • App Engine Tools updated to version 0.0.15
  • App Engine SDK updated to version 1.3.5
  • App Engine Rack updated to version 0.0.11
  • App Engine APIs updated to version 0.0.18
  • JRuby 1.5.1 and JRuby-OpesSSL 0.7 support
Developers should be advised that future versions of the SDK will require that app.yaml be inside WEB-INF, but the tools will probably move it there for you.

JRuby-Rack 1.0.2 - Nick Sieger released a new version of JRuby-Rack in early August. This included a patch by Patrick Cheng that fixes an annoying bug that made it difficult to deploy hybrid apps. With the latest gem, JRuby and Mirah apps play well together.

Rails 2.3.8 - I updated the old guide to point to a Rails 2.3.8 primer, that uses app.yaml. It is also a hybrid app, the same data is accessed by Rails and Dubious. Check out the source to see how it works.

OSCON Session - Charles Nutter and I gave a talk about "Ruby and Mirah on App Engine" at OSCON in July. This talk was well received, and there was a great deal of interest in Mirah. Paul Krill, from InfoWorld, wrote up this article, "Mirah brings Ruby niceties to Java".

Google Tech Talk - Charles came to Google to talk about "Expressive Languages on the JVM". Charles dispels a few myths about Ruby, and goes on to show how Mirah trumps other JVM languages by avoiding runtime dependencies. I jump in at the very end to poke around the Dubious demo app.

JRuby Kaigi - Takeru Sasaki will be giving an App Engine talk "Rubyist, it's time to develop your Rails app on Google App Engine" at JRuby Kaigi. I'll be there too, giving a lightning talk on Mirah/Dubious.