Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Google App Engine 0.0.6 gems released

We recently released the 0.0.6 google-appengine gem, hot on the heels of our talks at RubyConf and JRubyConf. We finally got Rails 3.0.pre running, with a lot of help from Yehuda Katz. Check out the Rails Primer for instructions.

We also have some new sample code, like Brian Gibson's Using the Images Service demo Trung Pham's Using Image Upload.

This release includes updates to the following packages:
  • App Engine SDK updated to version 1.2.8
    • Better support for precompilation.
  • App Engine APIs gem updated to version 0.0.11
    • Includes ImageScience compatible Image API.
  • App Engine Tools gem updated to version 0.0.6
    • Better support for custom MIME types
    • Works with Bundler 0.7.1 and Rails 3.0.pre

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