Friday, November 19, 2010

App Engine Prerelease SDK 1.4.0

There was an interesting post to the App Engine list where Ikai wrote...

"The Always On feature allows applications to pay and keep 3 instances of their application always running, which can significantly reduce application latency. Developers can now enable Warmup Requests. By specifying a handler in an app's appengine-web.xml, App Engine will attempt to to send a Warmup Request to initialize new instances before a user interacts with it. This can reduce the latency an end-user sees for initializing your application."

This is means that JRuby (Sinatra or Rails) applications will work much better on App Engine. Users will not experience spin-up delays as they have in the past because new instances will spin-up in the background. Look for documentation on this very soon.


  1. This changes everything for all languages on AppEngine that have to spin up, way to go!

  2. These are great news for the JRuby community. Keep up the good work people.

  3. If I read this correctly, this is a "pay" feature. In which case, multiple cron jobs to keep instances warm is still the way to go for us cheap-skates with low traffic needs.

    I currently have 5 cron jobs that hit the site once every minute. The site remains responsive and the cron jobs use less the 5% of the daily CPU quota. Ironically, without the cron jobs, the site was using a greater percentage of the daily CPU quota due to constantly spinning up new instances. So, while it seems wasteful, it actually reduced resource usage on my site and improved performance.

    Regardless, this is great news and should be very useful for sites that are more active and more commercial than my hobby site.

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