Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Google App Engine 0.0.12 gems released

We just released the 0.0.12 google-appengine gem. We published the latest App Engine SDK, and did some cleanup on the tools to properly set ENV['RACK_ENV'] for Sinatra::Reloader. We also fixed some issues with threads hanging in the development console:
  • Both JRuby 1.4.1 and are available
  • App Engine Tools updated to version 0.0.12
  • App Engine Rack updated to version 0.0.8
  • App Engine SDK updated to version
  • App Engine APIs updated to version 0.0.15
JRuby OpenSSL - Simply install our prerelease version of JRuby 1.5, and the latest jruby-openssl gem will work just fine. Folks that have been using an altered version of jruby-openssl 0.5.2 should update to jruby-openssl 0.7.
    sudo gem install google-appengine
    sudo gem install appengine-jruby-jars --pre

Contributions - Lots of great posts have been coming into the list recently. John Wang wrote up a nice blog post on generating JSON on Rails. Stefan Michaelis just wrote up a detailed gist on custom Authentication and Authorization.Local Meetup - Around 100 local Rubyists attended the App Engine Meetup last night. I presented summary slides form developers in Hawaii, Taiwan and Greece, and dissected a Rails application. Right after the meetup, Sarah Allen wrote up this fantastic blog post. I've also made my presentation available.Conferences - We're excited about a couple upcoming conferences. On Thursday I'll be at the Red Dirt RubyConf, I'll lead off the Servers/Hosting theme with a talk on JRuby on Google App Engine. A couple weeks later is Google I/O, we expect to hear some exciting announcements about App Engine. Those attending won't want to miss What's hot in Java for App Engine.


  1. Thanks for linking the slides for us out-of-towners.

  2. Hi Guys,

    I've been patiently waiting for your progress. I am really thankful for your efforts. I wish your team all the best.

    george kyaw naing